Wireless Services for Merchants On-The-Go

New England Credit Card Systems Merchant Services provides your business everything it needs to start accepting credit cards today including a merchant account and the proper processing equipment or software.

We Know Your Business

When setting up one of the most important aspects of your business, you shouldn't have to second-guess your decisions. New England Credit Card Systems Merchant Services meets your needs at every important decision point for credit and debit card processing solutions.

Our software is compatible with point-of-sale terminals and PCs and compliant with all major credit cards. Our hardware and software solutions are all backed by a 24-7 customer service and terminal help desk support team.

Wireless payment devices have become THE critical component in the emerging mobile commerce system. The ability to expand locations and services without the expense of a wired infrastructure can turn a businesses' point-of-sale into their point-of-profit.

The TransAKT™ wireless point-of-sale terminals, Cachet™ wireless printers and TranSCAN™ portable check readers are creating new retail opportunities for mobile and traditional merchants.

Our TransAKT™ full-feature wireless point-of-sale terminals bring reliable and secure mobile payment technology to the expanding electronic payment industry, providing merchants with voice, data and secure transaction capabilities all in one convenient handheld device.

Palm VII Enabled Wireless with PDA Card Swipe Attachment

For merchants that need to process swiped transactions for access to the best possible swiped rates that your merchant account can offer, EPG offers a Magnetic Stripe Reader and Transaction Processing Software for Palm VIIx handhelds.

Our software can prompt for gratuity, and also prompts for signature capture right on the Palm display, e-mailing the signature directly to the merchant.

Merchants with an EPG account utilizing our swiper can do so by simply downloading EPGs Wireless Swipe! application, installing it in the Palm VIIx or i705 per the manufacturers' instructions, executing it and selecting Process a Transaction! The EPG Magnetic Stripe Reader and Wireless Swipe! application work only on Palm VIIx and i705 devices.

For merchants that need to process manually-entered transactions, EPGs Wireless! application offers merchants the ability to enter card number, expiration date and transaction amount, as well as address and Zip information for Address Verification and CVV2.

Merchants with an account processing only manually-entered transactions can do so by simply downloading Wireless! application, installing it in your device per the manufacturers' instructions, executing it and selecting Process a Transaction!

Wireless! application was written specifically for Palm-enabled Wireless devices that support Web Clipping Applications. Supported devices include the Palm i705, VIIx, Palm VII, Palm Vx and V with a wireless modem and the Handspring Visor with a wireless modem.

Nextel Cell Phone with NexSwipe Processing Software

NexSwipe connects to the popular i95cl, i90c, i80s, i85s, i60c, i50sx, i55sr, and i30sx models from Nextel. With it, and our NexSwipe.com WAP Server, you will be able to Accept Credit Cards Anywhere! NexSwipe uses a proprietary, ultra-low power design, and requires no batteries, as it is completely powered by your phone.

Best of all NexSwipe qualifies you for the low Retail 'Swiped' rate!

Nextel Coverage Map

WATCH THAT BILL! With other Nextel based credit card solutions, that utilize the net-aware J2ME, require the Nextel PacketStream service. With any kind of transaction volume, you will find that you need the PacketStream Gold plan, which runs $54.99 per month! This is ON TOP of your 49.95 or higher basic service with direct connect! You can find that your monthly service bill can easily exceed $100.00 per month.