Are Your Merchant Account Services Designed For Your Medical Practice?

Maybe It's Time For Change?

The needs of your medical practice are not the same as those for the local restaurant, retailer or on-line business. Yet the credit card processing services offered to you are identical and do not take into consideration your special needs.

New England Credit Card Systems Merchant Services was created to fill the void in charge card processing for the medical community. We have worked with some of the most successful medical practices in the nation to help them simplify and refine charge card processing.

In our research, we discovered that many in the medical community were still using their original bank or charge card service and were unaware of how much it was costing them to do so. Not only were they paying high rates and incurring hidden fees, they were unaware of many services that could make the process easier and more profitable.

Unlike most processing services, New England Credit Card Systems Merchant Services is not limited to one provider. We can shop for the best rate and services to fit your needs.

With New England Credit Card Systems Merchant Services there are never any hidden fees. Period!

We understand the nature of your business and have developed a division which specializes in the medical field. New England Credit Card Systems Merchant Services can provide you with state-of -the -art technology and services that will increase your productivity and your bottom line.

Here is a list of some of the excessive fees you may be paying simply because you are unaware of a better solution:

If we can't save you money on your charge card processing, we will pay you $100

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