Benefits of Accepting Plastic

Keeping your business in the black is our top priority. Every type of business benefits financially by accepting credit cards. With more than 500 million credit cards in use domestically, US charges recorded for 1999 alone reached $1.1 trillion! Learn More

Basic Transaction Guidelines

Reduce your risk of accepting a counterfeit Visa card by being alert at the point of sale. If you know that a card is invalid, don't accept it. These simple steps can help you prevent fraud. Learn More

Fraud Protection

Fraud is a fact in this day and age. Especially with the birth and growth of the online purchase, but not all fraud is limited to the card-not-present transaction. We have to be careful of full-blown identity theft as well as credit card number theft. Consumers are very concerned about someone obtaining their credit, debit or check card numbers, and with good reason. But new fraud-protection services offered by Paymentech are helping to decrease the incidence of identity theft and credit card fraud. Learn More

Manager Tips

The magnetic stripe on the back of bank cards contains much more than the card account number and expiration date. Special security features are also built in to help you avoid accepting counterfeit cards and fraudulent transactions at the point of sale. Learn More

Business Resources

The following links will provide you with valuable resources. Learn More


The average American's reliance on cash and checks for retail and Internet business transactions is continually diminishing. Today, the average American adult carries at least two credit cards. Together, Visa's and Mastercard's annual volume exceeds $210 billion dollars.  Learn More

Industry Terms

The glossary of terms provides business owners all the important definitions for many of the terms used in the bankcard industry. Learn More

Credit Card Logos

The following logos are made available for our merchant clients. Logos and graphics may be used for web graphics as well as printing purposes. Learn More